About Us

A gastronomical journey across 48 countries of Asia!

48East started out as a dream - to delight individuals with the best of the magical East, an attempt to break through geographical boundaries and give you the best from the Asian continent.

48East encapsulates a story about distinct flavors across diversified Asian culture, delivering an authentic and rich experience with every meal. From Gyoza to the most succulent

Iranian kebabs, and many such specially-curated parcels of love by our experience at the kitchen.

Our mission is to create culinary magic by delighting the palate with the many unexplored flavors right at the comfort of your home. Started by food veterans today, it's a celebration of discovering a new cuisine every day, at your convenience to make every meal an unforgettable experience with 48East.

Join us on an exploration of the best of Oriental cuisine, every day a new surprise, every day a celebration of good food. So hold your breath for a new discovery - a discovery of Asia.

Think Asian food. Think 48East.

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Email - support.48east@swiggy.in
Call - +91-9606494050/+91-9606494051