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March 7, 2020
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3 Hour Natural Cure For Cracked Corners Of The Mouth

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Cracked corners of the mouth, also known as Angular Chelitis, Perleche, or Stomitis is an embarrassing, painful fungal bacterial infection occurring in the corners of the mouth. The corners of the mouth ulcerate painfully with crusty red areas. The lesions look a little like infected paper cuts. The condition occurs more frequently in cold weather although some folks have the irritating condition year around.

The lesions are not contagious or dangerous, but they are quite painful to the point of making it difficult to eat, smile, laugh or even talk.

While the symptoms of cracked corners of the mouth are physically debilitating, they wreck total havoc with the sufferer's social life. In fact, Angular Chelitis sufferers will likely not enjoy much of a social life. They will, instead be ridiculed and laughed at. Chronic sufferers become withdrawn and quiet. They are called all kinds of names like "aids kid", or "syphilis face". No one wants to even hold hands with a chronic cracked corners or the mouth sufferer much less kiss him or her.

There is a sickening stigma associated with the symptoms since they appear right on the face. Complete strangers stare and make ignorant assumptions about you when you have the red crusty splits in the corners of your mouth. Yes, the condition is physically painful, but the embarrassment is infinitely more painful.

It is not like an infection on another part of the body that can be tolerated but at least hidden by clothing, nobody can see it in public on a daily basis. Cracked corners of the mouth, however is right in plain sight on the face. When a flair-up is in full bloom, the lips also become chapped.

The most common, yet useless way most Doctors treat cracked corners of the mouth is to prescribe 1% hydrocortisone cream. This cream is a greasy topical cream and when you apply it to the corners of the mouth you spend your time trying not to eat it. One sufferer went through seven tubes of the stuff with absolutely no results.

Now you can have the power to naturally control the symptoms of Angular Chelitis right in your own home or even from your bathroom at work. It's been discovered that fungal bacteria, the bacteria that cause cracked corners of the mouth cannot live without moisture. So, get rid of the moisture and you will get rid of the fungal bacteria which cause the nasty, red, crusty splits in the corners of the mouth. Yes, it is true, fungal bacteria die quickly in dry environments.

Sounds simple and so it is. The treatment is guaranteed to work for everyone. This humiliating and painful affliction can be a thing of the past in 3 short hours using a few simple ingredients found in most bathrooms or kitchens.

You can download the ultra simple solution to eliminate the embarrassing and painful symptoms of cracked corners of the mouth right now and within minutes be on your way to eliminating this condition from your physical and personal life.


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