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October 12, 2020
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African Food Offers An Adventure For The Palette

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NYC offers a festival of food for flavors that come for from all around the globe. With influences from every culture the diverse offering s of the "Big Apple" can make any meal a feast for the senses. While there is a tremendous amount of Italian-American cooking and Asian cuisine in NYC there is a representation of food and culture from almost every country on earth. As an example there is a restaurant that caters to the authentic foods found throughout each region of Africa. Although African pastries are not commonly known to most Americans they are a delicacy that rival anything produced in the typical kitchen of an American home.

For truly authentic African food NYC residents can choose from a selection of meat dishes that can be found on the "Dark Continent." Although the animals that are eaten in Africa differ from what can be found in the US the spices and seasonings of the beef and poultry deliver the traditional flavors and textures that are created in African cooking.

Although he has been gone for many years now, my father enjoyed traveling throughout Africa as he fulfilled assignments with his work when I was a teenager. Journeying to each region of the continent my home has some of the artifacts that were collected and given as gifts to my father as he went from the south to the east, west and north countries of Africa with his work.

Developing a great love of the people and of their heritage my dad enjoyed spending time in Africa and sharing meals with the people that he encountered on his travels. He and my mother have eaten bison, antelope and water buffalo and even warthog while they were in Africa but my father's sweet tooth was always leaning him toward the desserts that are offered by his hosts.

With the same seasoned dishes that can be found in the North, South East and West African countries there is something for every palette available from the restaurant that provides African food catering to NYC residents. Blending different dishes from each part of the continent or sticking to one particular country's fare the African food NYC enjoys is authentically prepared and served to guests that are enjoying a rare treat.

With all of the cultural diversity that is found in NYC it is refreshing to be able to find the flavors of the world that can take a person on a culinary tour of some of the more interesting and unusual places on earth. For anyone that has an adventurous appetite for truly delicious foods that offer meats and seasonings as well as fruits and vegetable dishes along with desserts there is a real treat waiting to be sampled in the African food restaurants that deliver a remarkable dining experience.


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