Q : What are the benefits of Forty eight East mobile app ?

This mobile app allows you to easily make payment for any food ordered from Forty eight East outlet and place order online. Also, you can earn and track rewards as you make purchases.

Q : How can I recharge my card (app) ?

Online - Go to "My Account" and click on 'Reload' button and select 'Online' to recharge online with amount of your choice. .

Q : What is the minimum amount to recharge the card ?

The minimum amount to recharge or activate your card is Rs.250

Q : Do I get any additional top-up/discount when I recharge my account?

You will get 5% extra top-up on all the recharges.

Q : How do I make a payment using this app ?

Online - Go to "Order Now" and select the items to be ordered. In the payment page select the 'Payment options' as 'Wallet/Online-PG' and pay the order amount.

Q: Will I also get benefited on my purchases?

Yes. Besides 5% extra top-up, you will earn cash back for every purchases you are making. Every purchase of Rs.100 will give you Re.1 as cash back which will be credited to your wallet.

Q : What happens if there are issues with my phone and app gets deleted? Will I lose all my data?

Your data is completely safe. You can simply download the app again from app store. Login with your credentials and your data will reappear again.

Q : In case I have any more doubts, complaints, or suggestions, how can I reach out to resolve the issue ?

You can fill the form in 'Feedback' section. The feedback reaches directly to us and we will initiate a quick action. You can also call us at +91-9606494050/+91-9606494051 to speak directly.

Q: Can I use this app and the reward points for all online and offline purchases at Forty eight East?

Yes, this app can be used at any of Forty eight East outlets via the installed scanners there or for any online purchase through the mobile app or on www.fortyeighteast.com

Q: In case I have more doubts, complaints or suggestions, how can I reach to resolve the issue?

You can fill the form in the "Feedback" section. You can also write an email to support.48east@swiggy.in. The feedback reaches us directly and we will revert at the earliest to initiate a quick action.